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It is a privilege to be a part of your journey.

We are so grateful for the beautiful care our son Mikey has received from the At Home Care team over the past 2.5 years.

Every team member who has worked with Mikey has been passionate, dedicated and hard-working. The help and support they provide to not only Mikey but our household has been life-changing for us. Everyone has taken their time to understand Mikey’s needs and most importantly how to make him laugh!

Mikey absolutely adores his carer Sarah, his face lights up when she walks in the door.

Thank you for everything you do to support individuals and their families.

Emma (mother)

I have nothing but praise for At Home Care.

The team they have put together (at short notice) to help care for my son with complex heath needs are amazing. They have exceeded my expectations with their attitude and professionalism towards my son's care and have helped us as a family feel supported in the home.

It has been the first time since Albie’s discharge in November last year that we as a family feel supported at home in Albie’s care. Thank you!

David (father)

I went to Sir Charles Gardiner Hospital in May 2017 then 11 months later I transferred to Fiona Stanley Hospital where I stayed for 13 months. 6 months before my discharge, I got approved for NDIS and I was approached by various providers.

I chose At Home Care because they were very friendly and approachable. I was visited by Dee and Ian, who both made me feel very welcome and At Home Care seemed like the perfect choice. Dee in particular was spoken of in very high regard by the nurses at Fiona Stanley Hospital. I immediately signed with At Home Care and have been with them ever since.

Management are very friendly and efficient. My carers are all fantastic and literally life-savers; they have saved my life on numerous occasions. I trust them wholeheartedly. Most of them I have got to know on a personal level and I look at them more like family and friends than carers.

I’m very happy with At Home Care and hope to continue with them for many years to come.


Although I am sure you are already aware of how great Matt is, I just wanted to pass on that in the last two weeks I have had some fantastic feedback from people who have seen Matt out with Fletcher.

The first was a shop owner at our local shops; he commented on how great Matt was with Fletcher and how well he treated Fletcher.

The second was Fletcher’s school, who told me that of all the Support workers they have coming into the school to collect students, Matt was by far the best.

Vanessa (mother)

Both Sanford and I are very happy with At Home Care. LeeAnne is really easy and nice to deal with if we ever need anything changed or anything extra or less she is always onto it.

The carers we have on at the moment are great. Sanford and I get along with them well. We have a girl starting this week who is one of our friends, we look forward to her helping us out as well.

Thanks for checking up.


I wanted to take the opportunity to send in a staff commendation for Rebecca.

Bec has provided invaluable care, respite, domestic assistance and energy to our household since starting. She is always willing to go the extra mile and delivers a superior standard in everything that she does to support our family.

Towards the end of her shift last Friday my eldest son Jack (11) had his first anaphylactic reaction in nearly six years. Bec provided a huge level of support, reassurance, comfort and expertise to Jack, John and myself.

I usually run the show at home and in ED when Aidan goes in to an episode. This time I had the opportunity to just be mum (the one crying for a change) focusing solely on supporting Jack.

She simply didn’t hesitate to extend all supports and cancel her personal plans for the evening. She delivered Jack and I to Fiona Stanley Hospital ED, managed the ED stay, returned to our house to monitor Aidan and reassure Olivia. This then gave John the opportunity to attend the ED and be present when Jack and I needed him.

She is a credit to your team and we remain eternally grateful for the support from At Home Care.


I admit to being apprehensive about coming home. For one reason – I’m rather solitary by nature, and I wasn’t sure how I’d cope with all these carers coming and going. My fears were groundless, they are lovely ladies and I enjoy the time they are here.

I have become more independent with their help. If I want to attempt something by myself, they let me do so but they are ready to help if I struggle for too long. That is probably the most important thing to me.

As a result, when I look at all the small improvements overall, I’ve improved a great deal in these last two months. I looked at the care plan the other day. So much has changed. I no longer use a shower chair, can wash, dry and dress myself, and do plenty more besides. All the while, the carers are so supportive and encouraging, they have become like family to me.

It was really brought home to me when I passed my driver’s test. Even the office staff knew about it and seemed genuinely pleased for me. It gave me such a good confidence boost and I feel ready to try more.

My house has been rearranged to suit my needs now, the staff making sure I was happy with their suggestions before going ahead, and that too has had a positive impact as I don’t have to ask them to do everything for me.

In short, you have employed the cream of the crop and all of them have said what a good employer At Home is.

My At Home Angels have helped me so much and in so many ways I will always be grateful to you and them. I am once again enthusiastic about my future. It will be different to what I had envisaged, but there are still a few more chapters to write before the entire plot is revealed!


Shout out to Scarlett's awesome care provider, At Home Care. These guys have gone above and beyond, and we just can't thank them enough. Not only have they sponsored Scarlett through the Saba Rose Button Foundation RehabME program, but they have helped out with our NDIS planning, supported lots of our little mates, and are just the most amazing bunch of people out.

There's customer service, and then there's passion. They really are special!

Make sure you check out their [@athomecareteam instagram and facebook] page for all the fun things they get up to and be sure to get in touch if you have NDIS coming up, or ever need support from a registered nurse or support worker.

Jon and the team, thank you so much for being such a special part of Scarlett's journey. We don't know what we'd do without you.


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