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At Home Care Achievement Initiative

Celebrating the achievements and contributions of our incredible family.

In the spirit of International Day of People with Disability, we asked our team to nominate a member of the At Home Care family to be celebrated for an outstanding achievement or contribution - whether it be on a personal or community level.

Some of the inspiring nominations are below.

Congratulations to all the amazing people living with disability who are achieving their goals and making a difference in the world every single day.



"When I first met Alicia, both her and her family were led to believe that her life would be somewhat limited (even restricted to life in an institution). Alicia, with assistance from her family, has set goals that would have looked unachievable to her initial medical team. Each time I meet with her, she has jumped over a new little hurdle, and then set her goals on something new.

As a ventilated quadriplegic, she completed the HBF Run for a Reason, walking over both the start and finishing lines. Her latest goal is to move into her own home and live independent of daily family supports. She is the reason, I love the motto "never say never" so much. So very proud of all she has achieved."

- Nominated by Dee




"Danny has the most positive attitude I have ever seen. He is humble, he is always looking for ways to improve his circumstances and that of others."

- Nominated by Julie

"I'm nominating Danny for living his life to the fullest and getting back to the gym. Also for giving back to the hospital by donating exercise ropes to help people in the rehab ward."

- Nominated by Talitha



"Gordy is currently raising awareness for men's mental health. Whilst life for him from day-to-day can be 

challenging, he has drawn the focus away from himself, and asked other's to dig deep and consider a broader group of people who equally need assistance in life."

- Nominated by Dee





"Matthew Cook, who passed away on 12/11/2020, should be remembered for all the amazing work he did in promoting safety and awareness through the Paraplegic Benefit Fund (PBF) and RAC. He shared his story, with the assistance of an electronic device, to have his message heard by thousands of students throughout Perth.

Matthew was an amazing example of courage, strength and determination."

- Nominated by Dee




"Despite being non-verbal, Michael continues to amaze me with what I learn about him through his use of Neuronode communication device and what he writes to tell me things he loves."

- Nominated by Pippa






"Nyssa designed, decorated and moved into her own house this year. Nyssa also became a Mam to her very own fur baby, Tilly.

While maintaining her very committed schedule Nyssa has managed to turn her house into a home whilst being very consistent in training Tilly."

- Nominated by Eibhlis






"Roz has a heart of gold and goes above and beyond to give back to the community - whether she's sharing her baking wisdom and providing tasty meals/ treats for those in need, or upcycling furniture and items to give them a second life."

- Nominated by Jacinta






"Shane is a total inspiration. Shane is a C1 ventilated quadriplegic, a father of one beautiful little girl and lives independently in his own home with 24/7 supports. 

Shane is a strong advocate for men's mental health, growing a dirty mo every year to raise awareness, despite his own challenges secondary to his motorbike accident.

Shane had the courage and commitment to complete a TED Talk that went rampant on the net, with the aim of focusing on prevention as the best means of controlling spinal cord injuries from occurring."

- Nominated by Dee


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